Every canga is created with love

With every canga purchase, you are spreading the love by supporting an artist while promoting their design wherever you go. Most of our designs will initially be centered around loving our city, be it Miami or any city in South Florida. We all know how popular our beaches and party scene can be but feel that more can be done to enhance our love for this beautiful place we call home.  Our cangas are designed by artists who are either from Miami or Rio de Janeiro, or designed with South Florida in mind, promoting it in some creative way.


Luis Valle 

Miami based artist, muralist and activist, Luis Valle created our Condor Canga.  

Artist website

Clau souza.jpg

Clau Souza 

A talented Brazilian illustrator based in Toronto, Clau Souza created our Salsa Dancer Canga.

Artist website

Bia Esteves.jpg

Bia Esteves 

A Rio de Janeiro native, visual artist Bia Esteves is the creator of Daisy Canga.

Artist website