Who we are

Solea Cangas was inspired by three women, two Brazilians, Ana Elisa Fran├ža and Viviane Spinelli and a native Miamian, Lisette Garcia. Their love of cangas started many years ago on the beaches of Ipanema, where a trend was quickly flourishing. At that time, beachgoers were starting to wear this versatile piece of material around their waist and, once at the beach, laying it on the sand replacing the need for the usual beach towel.

Ana Elisa always had the beach as her backyard. As an avid volleyball player, Ana spent most of her weekends on Ipanema beach at a time when cangas were first introduced to the scene. After moving to Miami, Ana realized that most beach goers where laying on a typical towel (small, thick, and bulky to carry) so she immediately saw an opportunity to bring the cangas to this vibrant city.  She shared her passion for cangas with Lisette, a local entrepreneur, and they came up with a vision to create Solea.  The third ingredient to the Solea equation was added when Viviane,  a Brazilian Film Festival President and creative visionary, decided to join the team. Their passion for the beach, arts and the community is now ready to take off to new heights while enhancing, in a whole different fashion, the way people enjoy their days of fun under the sun. 

Solea's mission, vision and goals are:

Our mission:  To revolutionize the way people go to the beach

Our vision:  To support the arts by having each canga designed by artists

Our goal:  To give people something that represents Miami in a creative, vibrant way, one canga at a time