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Beach. Art. Love


Inspired by the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Solea is a beach lifestyle brand that promotes artists one canga at a time.  

At SOLEA, we passionately believe that laying on a thick, bulky towel, is a thing of the past, so we are here to make your beach experience a lot more fun, versatile and easy. 

What is a canga?  A canga is what people from Brazil call a sarong or beach throw. Cangas are used daily when going to the beach or the park, instead of towels, since they are much easier to carry, their lightweight material dries much faster when wet and they do not easily stick to sand. In addition, each canga is one of a kind and designed by artists. Once you buy one, you will be on your way to collecting many more. 

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Beach Towel/ Throw

Taking a canga to the beach is easy, it doesn't take up too much space in your bag, it dries easily and it is light enough that sand stays on the ground and not on your canga.  

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Anywhere kind of canga

Take it with you on a bike ride, to the park, to a concert, on a walk, to a yoga class, anywhere....literally.  

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Wearing a canga is a fashion statement. Versatile and vibrant, you can wrap it around your waist, throw it over your shoulders, or tie it up in various creative ways.